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The GoodWife Site is pleased to offer the opportunity for vendors and service providers to advertise on our site. As the oldest, and most-respected, internet site with references and information on the topic of marriage to foreign women, GoodWife is the very best choice for your advertising dollar. Further, the traffic levels enjoyed by our site ensures that your ad will receive maximum exposure and return maximum results.

At this time, GoodWife is accepting only monthly advertisements. There are a variety of banner advertisement positions/slots available, as described below. For each of the advertising positions, only 10 advertiser slots will be allowed at any one time. What this means is that an advertiser who joins now, before the slots are filled, will gain the benefit of their ad appearing more than 1/10th of the available time up till the point that all 10 available slots for that position are filled. It effectively works as an early sign-on bonus.


The GoodWife Site has been actively aiding men and women in their pursuit to find one another in foreign countries since 1997. In that time, thousands upon thousands of men have successfully utilized the resources here to aid them in their search. Because of the longevity of the site, and the tremendous value of the resources found here, GoodWife enjoys a very high Page Rank with traffic numbers most sites find enviable.

Advertisements at GoodWife may be in a variety of forms and pricing is determined by both size of the ad and by placement, as follows:

728 x 90 pixel leaderboard graphic ad - $200 per month
120 x 240 pixel small vertical graphic ad - $100 per month
120 x 600 pixel tower graphic ad - $200 per month

Ad Placement

One 728 x 90 Leaderboard Ad in the Center of the Home Page. [Please note: ad appears on ONLY the Home Page]


One 120 x 240 Small Vertical ad in the Upper section of the Right Frame.


One 120 x 600 Tower ad appears just below the Small Vertical, also in the Upper Right of all pages.


The process to advertise is simple:

Step 1: Determine what size ad and placement best fits your needs.
Step 2: Visit the Payment Processing Center and pay for your advertisement. You can choose between paying for a single month, or establishing recurring (ongoing) payments.
Step 3: Send your banner to:
Step 4: You will receive authorization and a login to monitor your advertising "Campaign"

You will begin receiving reports of the activity generated by your advertisements within a week of creating your "Campaign."

If you have any questions, please send use the Contact Us link.

From the Acceptable Use Policy:

Duration: Minimum duration for a banner ad is one calendar month or 30 days, beginning the date you specify, and based on availability. You may extend placement for any number of one-month intervals.

Rotation Policy: Your banner ad may rotate with others on the same Web page.

File format: GIF or JPEG file
Dimensions: As specified in the position description.
Maximum File Size: 100 K
Animation is permitted. (Recommended: 7 seconds maximum). Looped animation is not permitted.

Content Policy: IR reserves the right to approve the content relevancy of all advertising placed on all IR websites.

IR also offers assistance, for a fee, in the preparation of graphic banner ads to meet your advertising needs. Please request "Custom Order Request" from the Payment Processing Center.

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