NO Trophy Wife
How NOT to Meet and Marry a Trophy Wife
Dangers of International Dating
Michael Roy Chester

In the Good Book, we find the story of a rich man, who dies and goes to Hell.  He is in such torment that he begs “I have five brothers…warn them, so they will not also come to this place of torment” (Luke 27).

A bad marriage can be like hell.  Thus, men seeking a wife should be very careful indeed.  In the quotation above, the rich man wanted to warn his brothers about the hell that awaited them, so they could avoid it.  I want to do the same for you, the reader, about an important subject…

In this article, I’ll detail my research on Former Soviet Union (FSU) women, and the dangers that face men who try to find a good woman there to become his wife. I’ll use a case study method, to give a deeper look into scammers, and the tricks they use to fool men.  I’ll also use a questionnaire method to delve into the insights of girls who seek foreign men by signing up with “marriage agencies.”

How it Began
I had been in an unhappy marriage to an American woman for years.  After the children left for college, I had hoped for an improved life. But in reality, the marriage got worse, with my career-obsessed wife staying later and later at work, and having (I suspect) an affair with a co-worker.

The next month, while working in Mexico, I fell for my cute, tiny blond interpreter.  She was in her 20s, and from Tver, Russia.  I’ll call her Ira. 

Four weeks after meeting her, I told my wife our marriage was over and I wanted out. Ira and I had a six-month romance, spanning from October to May.  During that time, I bounced back and forth between Ira and my wife.  I agreed (foolishly) to attend counseling sessions with my wife. She had chosen a “ministry based” counselor I’ll call Dick who was not accredited be the state’s counseling association—religious groups were exempt.  To my chagrin, I discovered Dick was a Russian hater.  A former military policeman who stood only 5' 4", he tried to act big by bullying me.  He told me how stupid I was to be seeing a Russian girl and that I was a threat to national security, because there was a 90% chance she was a spy!  He told me I was a traitor to my country, and he was going to call Homeland Security and report me. 

Suffice to say, his style of counseling only hurt the marriage more, and I went back to Ira. But all that glitters is not gold, and as I got to know Ira better, I decided she was not for me. Her story is not the focus on this research, but I’ll conclude by saying that after spending a month with her in South America, I learned I did not want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Mail Order Spy
But one good thing did come out of my counselor’s “attacks” on me—a great idea for a book.  I’m a professional writer, so I’ve learned that the best ideas come from everyday life.  And Dick had given me a great idea—some poor guy meets a beautiful Russian girl via a marriage agency—and she turns out to be a spy!

I started to write the book in South America while I was with Ira.  The story came easily, except for the natural language flow that would be authentic Russian English.  And Ira was mad about my writing the book and would not help me with the language. 

After we broke up, I knew I would need help to finish writing the book. I needed to become an expert on scammers and professional daters if I were to be able to write about them. I invented a fictional character, signed him up with several mail order bride agencies, and started looking at girl’s profiles for him.  But I did not want to waste an honest girl’s time writing my imaginary Dan, so I cross referenced agency girls with an online data base of proven scammers.  Dan began writing them, and their letters made their way into my book.  There was Lena, or Lenochka, a cute little redhead from Kharkov, Ukraine.  And Daria, a tall thin blond from Zhitomir, Urkaine.  And Julia, also form Ukraine.  All of them were in love with my Dan by the second letter, and all wanted marriage as soon as possible.  And all of them needed money for sick parents, dental work, and English lessons.  Over a five month period, I learned a lot about scams and marriage agencies.  I was glad my Dan was an imaginary guy and could not be hurt!

I finished Mail Order Spy and thought the topic was off my radar.  But something happened that changed all of that…

The Story of Kenneth
At a class reunion, I ran into my old friend Kenneth.  Kenneth had been a very wealthy bachelor farmer…before he met a beautiful girl from Kherson, Urkaine named Svetlana via a MOB agency.  Over the course of a year, Marc spent over $100,000.00 on Svetlana. He brought her home to the US on a K-1 marriage visa.  They were married, and Kenneth signed everything over to her.  But one day she was gone, and so was most of his money and property.

Kenneth’s ears still ring in my ears today—“if only someone had warned me…”

So I had another idea for a book, How NOT to Meet and Marry a Trophy Wife.  I’d do research on scammers in Ukraine to learn more about them and how they operate.  I’d also interview honesty agency girls to glean more information on the legitimate end of the MOB industry.  And I’d style the data into two books—one for the Christian market and one for the male market.  This article is the first report and discussion of that data.

The Scammers
My consulting business takes me frequently to Germany and France.  So unlike Dan, I’d really be able to meet the girls who would be the subjects of my books.  I started out be writing two of the girls who had tried to scam my imaginary Dan.  This time I wrote under my own name, because I’d need my passport and credit cars to travel into Eastern Europe. 

I also cross-referenced several other known scammers with their agency profiles, and started writing them, too.  My goal was to learn the “tricks of the trade” from these girls, so my books would be able to warn men away from scammers.   I’d learn from the horses mouth—letting actual scammers show me how they operated.  I went in with three principles—1) I’d not become emotionally involved with the girls, and 2) I’d not have sexual relations with them, and 3) I’d spend money on them, and earn my money back with the advance from the publishers. I’d learn how they operate by being a good “mark” for them.  Here are their stories…

As I began writing Lenochka, she sent me the same emails she had sent Dan.  Word for word.  Like with Dan, she seldom answered any questions I asked her.  Instead, she talked about holidays and weather and her problems.  I bought the agency email option allowing me unlimited emails and I flooded her with attention.

Soon, she was telling me she loved me and that I was her “soulmate.”  And she asked when I would come to see her. I strung her out over several months, and finally agreed to meet her in October, with a tie-in to some consulting work I was doing in Germany.

She met me at the airport in Kharkov.  She was 25, tiny, and attractive—but not as pretty as were her agency pictures.  She kissed me on the cheek and soon we were in a taxi, headed for the Hotel Kharkov.  Lena’s English was pretty good, and we had a nice conversation.  I felt at ease with her, and had to force myself to remember that Lena was a professional dater—she likely had several men come to see her every month.  Her objective was to drain me of as much money as possible.

After checking into my hotel, we had dinner.  She walked me back to the hotel, pecked me on the cheek, and said she would see me at 1 p.m. the next day. She was looking very much like a professional dater.  I was in bed by 9 p.m. that first night, and every night I was in Kharkov. 

The next few days Lena served basically as my tour guide, showing up later each day.  We saw the war memorial.  We ate.  We walked in the park. It was all so very boring.

I asked to meet her mother and father.  But she said her mother was out of town and her father did not like Americans.  It was a red flag to me.  Perhaps she lived with a husband?

I bought her a ruby bracelet for $30.  In the US, it would have cost $130.  But Lena never asked me to buy her anything.  My initial read was she was a professional dater—enjoying food and likely getting a kickback from the agency for entertaining me.  Later, I was to see she was just laying the groundwork for bigger things.  Scammers don’t mind moving slow if they sense the mark is big.

She saw me to the airport the final morning, and gave me another one of her cheek kisses.  I flew back to Germany, but continued to send her emails.  I now had her phone number, and called her from time to time.  However, here voice was so tiny for me to hear and her English not good enough for phone conversations.

The tone of her letters became more and more serious. She started talking about marriage, and wanting a child.  I started to wonder—is she wanting to defect?  Jump the agency ship and land with a safe man?  Perhaps—but it wouldn’t be with this man.  I had seen enough stories about her scamming ways and wanted nothing to do with her in real life.

I saw her again the next March.  I only had a day or so, and she was working a double shift.  We had dinner the first night, but she was careful to not see me to my room afterwards.  This time she kissed my lips, but without warmth.  She was cute and fun to be with, but something was not right.

When I got home I tested her.  I wrote “you are so busy.  Why don’t you take time off work?  I can make up the money for the time you miss.”  She quickly agreed.  And when I asked how much she earned a month, she replied “$1,000.”   I did some research, and found that her likely salary was close to $200 a month.  So Lena the scammer was beginning to work.   Having the funds set aside for the operation, I agreed.  But only if she would remove her profile from the agency.  She agreed.

I still had doubts about her home life, and suspected she lived with a boyfriend or husband, and not her parents.   I decided to test her by sending flowers to the address she had given me.  I enlisted the help of a local asset in Kharkov.  He delivered the flowers and took her picture in her living room.  He saw a cat, but no husband. I didn’t know if I should be relieved or disappointed.

But it was time to land this case, so I suggested she go on a trip with me.  She agreed, but made sure to tell me we would have to have separate rooms.  Impressive.  She appeared to be a high enough grade professional dater that she did not even have to put out for sex.  I was relieved about this, given my no intimacy pledge as the research began.

But after six months, I had a lot of money invested in her case.  Did I really want to buy her a $300 flight to Cypress and pay for two rooms?  I decided to test her first…

I signed up as another agency user, a man I tabbed as Paris Rob, from Paris, Texas.  He mailed her…and even thought she was suppose to be deleted from the agency, she wrote him back.  Over several days, Paris Rob got the same letters I had in my early days writing her.

But I’m aware that Fat Yuri often writes or sends out such letters.  So I had a backup plan…

Lena loves jokes, and was always passing one alone to me in her emails.  So I made up an original joke and shared it with her.  The next day, she sent my joke to Paris Rob. I had proof positive she was cheating on me and our commitment.  She had proved a scammer point—scammers will dig for every penny and will ultimately destroy themselves.

I wrote her the next day the following message…”I really, really believed that you had quit the agency and that you were going to give me the chance to be your only man.  That is why I was supporting you like my fiancé or wife.”

I cancelled the trip to Cypress.  She denied her actions, but her lies made it even worse.  Lena is still on that site, waiting for her next mark.  Don’t let it be you.

Scammer Fact: If the girl is too good to be true—she is.  Lena gave me many red flags, as most scammers do.  They included not meeting her parents, low level of affection, and in the end—a blatant lie.

Agencies typically have ratings of the girls in their data bases.  Daria was in the top ten of the agency in Zhitomir, Urkaine.  She was also on several anti-scam lists as Dasha, with the same pictures but five years younger (she was either 22 or 27).  Daria in her pictures seemed to be very beautiful and had a model’s body.

After competing some work in Germany, I flew to Kiev, where I met a free lance interpreter named Pavel.  Together, we made the two hour drive to Zhitomir.

Over the three months leading up to this research visit to Daria, I had written her many letters, and she had answered them all.

She spoke no English, so Pavel was very helpful in our first meeting, at a café in Zhitomir.  In reality, Daria was even more beautiful than in her agency pictures.  But she was cool and aloof, and seemed not to know anything about me.

I assumed, and Pavel confirmed, that the agency was using her pictures to attract letters for which the man paid a monthly or by the letter fee. Then the office staff answered for her, and assigned a case manager for the more serious guys, so the answers to his letters would be more consistent.   And in the rare event a man wanted to come and  meet her, she would meet them in person, and enjoy some good meals and whatever clothes the star-struck man might buy her.

After that first meeting, I had learned all I needed to learn about Daria.  In our meeting the next morning, I told her we did not have “chemistry” together and told her goodbye.

But I had two more days in Zhitomir before my flight back to my next engagement in Germany, so I started to work on the second piece of my research—interviewing normal agency girls who might or might not be scammers.   I looked at the agency computer and picked out a variety of girls to survey, meeting about five girls.  At the meeting, Pavel quickly explained that I was a researcher and was not interested in romance, but information.  We offered them a twenty dollar bill and a meal if they wished to continue.  All of them did; most of them were in their early 20s and were university students.  Two insisted we go to a local disco to talk, which was very interesting, given I had to shout the questions I  was asking them. That data will be discussed at the end of this report.

Daria?   At the hotel where Pavel and I were staying, I met two other men—one from Colorado and one from Canada.  Both had come to meet Daria, and both walked away from her after a date or two.  I kept in touch with the Canadian, who was a computer software expert.  He was incensed, and hacked into the agency database.  Daria, as it turned out, was actually married.  She remains on the agency database to this day.

Scammer Fact:  The girls at the top of an agency most popular ranking are very likely to be scammers.  Such beautiful girls so not need a foreign man—they can have the cream of the crop in their own country.

I did not intend for Janna to be a part of the study.  She was a random factor, because I met her by chance in Berlin where I was doing consulting work.  She was there as part of a student conference.  She was tall, 5' 11", blond, and strikingly beautiful. We started talking and toured the Checkpoint Charlie museum together, and then walked along the Berlin Wall.  She was very excited about some of the work I do with schools, and asked if I might be interested in coming to her city, Zaporizhia, Ukraine, if she could arrange it.

She confessed to me that she was indeed interested in a foreign husband and was listed on a number of MOB sites.  But she did not flirt with me or show any interest; she was 20 years old and saw me more as a father figure.   I saw her to her plane, kissed her on her cheek, and wished her well.

The next week Janna emailed me, saying she had arranged a booking for me in Zaporizhia.  I agreed to come two months later. During that time, we stayed in touch via email.  I had her phone number, but her phone service KievStar did not accept text messages from Cingular, my provider.  I joked with her, suggesting she could carry two phones—the second with a UMC Sim card so we could stay in touch that way. She laughed, and declined.

I researched Janna on the web. I found nothing about her on any scam sight.  I did find her profile on two agency sites, with very provocative photos that were a red flag to me.

Janna met me at the airport in Dnipropetrovsk.  I had arranged a non-stop flight from Frankfurt with the assistance of a friend of mine from Belgium, who knew about non-listed company flights.  We made the hour drive from Dnipropetrovsk to Zaporizhia, where Janna showed me the flat they had rented for me.

In two hours, I was having dinner with Janna and her family—her mother, father and younger brother Taras.  I was having trouble sorting out what Janna was—a research subject or someone who had hired me to speak in the schools of Zaporizhia. I decided to let time progress and see what happened.

The next day Janna’s mother Natasha took me to the high school, where I worked all day long.  Janna had university classes, and joined me later.  I spoke to the English language classes, and they had many very good questions about American life.  I was in an auditorium that was very cold; everyone wore jackets inside the school.

That night I went bowling with Janna, Natasha and Taras.  It was a great time; the FSU bowling alley is like a clean disco—great pounding music but brightly lighted and a computer to keep score.

My connection with Janna was growing—but as a friend.  She is the typical older child—old beyond her years.  She takes 18 hours at the university, making all A’s.  She works halftime at a company that imports the mechanism for gas pumps that register usage. Her English was pretty good, but sometimes we did have misunderstandings, which I will elaborate on later.

We finally did have a private conversation about the two of us.  Janna apologized, saying she felt no attraction for me.  We had never kissed or hugged.  I told her I felt the same way, but would like to remain her friend.  I kidded her by telling her she was the best woman I had ever met, and I’d marry her if she wanted to.  She laughed, and said maybe someday in the future when she grew up.  I never confided in her she was part of a research project.  And honestly, my main purpose for being there was to speak in the schools she had booked for me.

Janna suggested that we keep in touch, and maybe meet again in some other country, perhaps Italy, her personal favorite.  I agreed.

Things started to turn bizarre after I left.  I started getting letters from Natasha, Janna’s mother.  Stage one was her telling me that Janna really was interested in me, but was afraid of sex.  She wrote “she will marry you tomorrow if she can live with you but not have sex with you.”  This letter led me think that we really had a misconnect in communication, or a language problem.  I had never even kissed Janna.  I wrote Janna back, saying “Your mother is helpful, but I want to marry you---NOT your mother!”

But now Janna had changed on my list—from nice girl to possible scammer.  So I tested her by writing “I would like to stop searching for my soulmate and become engaged to you---and to promise to be faithful to you and you to me.  And to be married after you finish your university. . . ”

I gave her the dates for my work in Italy, and told her to check prices for flights, believing I was about to be scammed by Janna. The next day she emailed me, saying the price for airfare and two hotel rooms would be $976.00.   I felt a bit ill at this message—I wanted to believe that in my research I would find at least one honest girl.  But I sent the money via Western Union to Janna…and I wondered if she would come to Italy, or not.

My faith in human nature was restored the next week.  Janna emailed me, saying she was sorry, but she could not come to Italy.  Her university wanted to send her to Turkey for a meeting of future leaders of Europe.  It was the same organization she had traveled to Berlin for, and I had seen the assembly at the university in Berlin, so I knew she was telling me the truth.  Janna told me she had not picked up the Western Union wire, and I could retrieve it.  I waited a month to see if she would take it.  She never did, and I marked Janna off my scammer list.  The next year I gave her number to an American man close to her own age, and they are dating.

Scammer Fact: Don’t be overly suspicious of a girl you meet in a traditional manner, as I did with Janna.  She likely is just who she says she is.

Elya was a beautiful, tall blond headed girl from Kharkov, age 27.  She was listed with the same agency as Lena.  And like Lena, she was listed as a scammer on several scam sites.  I wrote her, and she wrote back.  After several exchanges, she told me she wanted to meet me in real life.  I told her I could come to Kharkov, but she suggested we meet in Turkey by the sea.  I checked airfare from Frankfurt to Turkey, and it was really cheap.  Likewise, there was a charter flight from Kharkov to Turkey for $200.  I made reservations  for us, air and hotel, and we were set.  Elya made it clear in her letter to me that she would require a separate room from me and would not sleep with me.  This fit my criteria, so I agreed.

I arrived in Turkey first, and waited a couple of hours for Elya’s flight.  When she came down to the baggage area, I did not recognize her—she was 30 pounds heavier than her pictures.  But she was still a very attractive woman, with fair skin and blue eyes and 6”4’ with her high heels on.

Her English was very poor.  At dinner she would frequently take out her Russian/English dictionary to look up a word to further our conversation.  As we made our way through the restaurant, she took my hand.  Every man in the room was staring at her.

But she went into her room, kissing me on the cheek.  It as 8 p.m. and I heard nothing from her until the next day at 11 a.m.   We grabbed lunch and then went to the sea, where she swam.  She insisted that I not go in the water with her, but stay and watch her things.  I was starting to feel “bossed” by this girl, and did not like it.

In the two days that followed, things began to fall apart.  She was a high sleep, high maintenance woman.   We slept in every morning in her private room, missing the complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel.  And then we had to eat at just the perfect café in the city.  

On the third day, we went to a mall and she wanted to buy presents for her family—and wanted me to pay.  She picked out a $500 brief case for her father.  I refused to buy it.  She picked out a $600 necklace for her mother.  I refused again.  Then she said “you’ll buy it for me?  Da?”  “And tonight will be very special.”   I told her “no.” She grew angry and stomped away the instant I declined.

My determination was complete—Elya was a scammer.   That night I told her I had a change in business plans and needed to fly to Frankfurt the next morning.  I changed her flight,  put her on the plane, and that was the last I ever saw Elya.  A year later as I was writing her chapter in the book, I did a follow-up email to her to see if she was still “available.”  She seemed perturbed still.  I don’t think many men had turned down her requests.

Scammer Fact:  When a girl starts demanding expensive gifts the third day you know her, she’s a scammer.

One source of information on scammers are Russian Women discussion groups.  Mostly composed of men giving advice to newcomers, occasionally there is a surprise.  Such was the case of Marina, from Kyrgzstan.  She posted her pictures, scantly clad, on a discussion page and told about herself, and left an email address.  Within hours she had been condemned as a scammer.  Several men posted agency sites where she was listed.  One man wrote that he had fallen in love with her, only to be dropped.

I decided to add her to my possible scammers section, and investigate.

She wrote me back the next day, and sent me more pictures.  She asked me questions about myself, and was attentive to the questions I had asked her. She came across as educated and intellectual. She gave me her phone number, and I called and talked to her for almost an hour.

Over the next two weeks, we exchanged numerous emails. Finally, I was ready to test her.  I wrote “Next week I will be working in Germany for two weeks.  During that time, I will be closer to you.  Maybe I can send you and airline ticket and we can meet somewhere between the two of us?”

Marina never answered me.   I’ll assume she had found her man and she was not a scammer.  If not, I’m sure she would have asked me to send $500.00 for a ticket, then stood me up.

Scammer Fact: Just because a girl posts scantly clad pictures and is listed on multiple agency sites does not make her a scammer.

On my second trip to see Lenochka in Kharkov, I had a surprise.  As I left from Kiev by car to Kharkov, Lena sent a text message, telling me she was busy and I should not come.  Her boss had fired the other girl in the office, and she had to work until 9 p.m. each night.  I wrote back, saying I was coming anyway.  I fully expected that she would meet me.

When I got to Kharkov, I met with the real-estate agent Lilla, who was leasing me the apartment.  She was another tall, thin blond, but not as attractive as the other girls I had interviewed.  She seemed very interested in Lenochka, and bluntly told me she was a scammer.   She then shared she worked for a MOB agency in Kharkov, and had a friend that she would like to introduce me to.  I told her no thanks.

But the next day when she called, I told her Lena was not returning my calls.  She suggested we have lunch.  Bored, I agreed. 

A few minutes after we arrived at the café, Natalie showed up.  Lilla introduced us, and Natalie offered to show me around the city that afternoon.  And so it began.

Natalie was not agency beautiful.  She was attractive, with big brown eyes, but not beautiful.  I learned that she had a B.S. in physical education, but had never taught.  Currently, she was working in real estate.  That night I checked her profile on an agency website, and she appeared to be just a normal girl.  And vetted as not being a scammer by the respected agency she was listed with.

On the third day, in my apartment, I crossed the line between researcher and participant.  Somehow we wound up in bed, and I had broken rule number two—no sexual relations.

I regretted it immediately.  But I was paralyzed by this girl, and spent the rest of the week with her.  I flew back to Germany to work. Two weeks later I met Natalie again, and she asked me to marry her.  I told her it was too soon, and we needed time to get to know one another better first.

There were no red flags, other than her haste.  I had met her family.  Her brother showed me the churches in Kharkov he had remodeled the woodwork in.

But after I got home, the money suggestions started.  If she had a computer and webcam, we would see and talk to each other live.  I bought it for her.

I was going to be working in Frankfurt in two months, in August, so suggested she meet me there.  She found an agency in Kiev that guaranteed she could obtain a visa.  I sent the money for it to her.  And then another $500 for the plane ticket.

The day of the flight, she called to tell me the German embassy had denied the visa application.  Plus, her grandmother needed her help in moving to Russia.  Natalie would be gone to Russia for 2 weeks.

I never heard from her again.  And I, the researcher of  scammers, the guy who was writing a book advising men on how to avoid scammers, had been scammed.

I phoned Natalie’s friend Lilla. To add insult to injury, she told me that she was glad Natalie was out of the picture.  Why?  Because she wanted me now!

I hung up.  And posted both Natalie and Lilla on a scammer alert internet site.  Within a week, I had letters from two other men who had been scammed by Lilla, each time with a different “friend.”

Scammer Fact: The absence of red flags is not a green flag.  Don’t send money to girls to buy a computer—let them use internet cafes.  Realize that a visa to EU countries is very difficult for FSU girls to obtain.  Don’t send money to help her obtain one.

The Questionnaire Survey
On short trips to Zhitomir and Dnipropetrovsk, I did not meet with known scammers.  Rather, I met with girls listed with local agencies and offered them $20.00 to complete my survey.  Subjects included Irina, a 35 year old accountant with a 10 year old son, Valarie, a beautiful 22 year old with a 5 year old child, and Katya, a star of the musical theater in Dnipropetrovsk.  I met with two girls each day for a total of 10 girls between the two cities.

Ninty percent of the girls said they would rather marry a man from Ukraine, rather than the EU or the USA.  Most said that there were more women in Ukraine than men, and that was the reason they were open to meeting foreign men.

Fifty percent said the age of the man did not matter to them.  The other half said it did, and that they were open to an age difference of up to twenty years.

Seventy five percent of the girls spoke English.  Twenty five percent spoke no or little English.

Favorite pastimes that were frequently repeated included listening to music, reading, travel, going to the disco, and spending time with family.

One Hundred percent of the girls interviewed wanted children.  Ninety percent chose two children; ten percent chose one child.

It was impossible to ascertain if any of the ten girls were scammers.  However, my guess is that nine were honest girls who were trying to expand their options for marriage.  One girl, and the only one high up on the agency popularity list, appeared to be a professional dater.

Summary & Conclusions
Using mostly known scammers as my sample, I interacted with six FSU women.  I concluded that four of the six were indeed scammers.  In interviewing non-scammer types, I concluded that nine of the ten girls were serious about a real relationship with men.

In an online survey of men married to FSU girls, they were asked the question “Would you recommend to a friend that they seek a wife in the FSU?”  Ninety percent said “no.”  The truth is that most men use agencies to locate a woman interested in marrying a foreign man.  And agencies are filled with scammers.

The best way to meet an FSU girl is the natural way, like the way I met Janna.  But that is difficult if not impossible for most men.  Thus, if you do decide to date an FSU girl—beware!  And follow these guidelines, or you may wind up in marriage hell.

Scammer Red Flags:
  • She writes that she loves you after only a few letters
  • She hates to ask, but her mother is ill and needs medical treatment.  You can help, da?
  • She makes excuse why you can’t meet her parents
  • She offers to come see you in the US, saying she has a visa for baby setting
  • She asks you for money for English lessons, and says they cost $50 per session
  • She needs a computer so she can write you every day
  • She needs money for new boots—hers has a hole in them
There is a simple solution. Never send money to a girl you have not met, and after you meet her, continue to be diligent. By doing so, perhaps you will be one of the men that says “yes,” I would recommend an FSU woman to a friend of mine.
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